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Check–up "Detection of osteoporosis"

Osteoporosis is a silent epidemic of the XXI century. It is a widely spread disease. Today, every 3rd woman and every 4th man 50+ suffer from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can lead to fractures of any bones, but the most typical are fractures of the spine, femoral neck and radial bone. Fractures upon osteoporosis may occur in case of a minor injury or even without it.

The main risk factors for osteoporosis development are:

  • female sex;
  • postmenopause;
  • past fractures;
  • fractures upon minor injuries in close relatives (father, mother, sister) at the age of 50+;
  • early menopause, including surgical one (under 45 years old);
  • administration of glucocorticoids (for more than 3 months);
  • long-term bed rest (for more than 2 months);
  • low body mass index and obesity.

Any of the above factors is a reason for passing osteoporosis examination under this express—programme.

Examination is carried out during a day.

Based on the examination results, a discharge record is provided within 3 business days.

If pathological changes are detected, the responsible physician executes an individual plan of additional examination to clarify the diagnosis and develop the treatment procedure.

Check–up «Detection of osteoporosis»:
Name Quantity
Consultation by specialists:

Admission of an endocrinologist

Instrumental methods of examination

General blood analysis


Clinical urine analysis


Biochemical blood analysis: 

  • CA (Calcium)
  • ionized СА
  • P (phosphorus)
  • alkaline phosphatase
  • creatinine

Hormonal parathyroid hormone study


Study of 25-OH vitamin D serum concentration

Instrumental methods of examination

Densitometry of two zones (spine, hip)

Cost: RUB 5,200