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Программа №5

Extended programme - Out-patient clinic service with dentistry, including house call, for patients 15+

The medical service programme stipulates:

1. Application of the Customer to the following specialists of the out-patient clinic in case of acute disease or aggravation of chronic disease: therapist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, infectious disease specialist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, surgeon, trauma orthopaedist, urologist, coloproctologist, oncologist (before making a diagnosis), dermatovenereologist, neurologist, gynecologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist (initial admission), ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, hematologist, dentist, physiotherapist, TPT physician, acupuncture therapist.

2. Referral of an attending physicianInitial consultation by consulting physicians (upon referral of an attending physician): allergist-immunologist, rheumatologist, nephrologist, oncologist-dermatologist. Consultation by M.D. and Candidates of Medical Science in other specialties — for medical indications, upon referral of an attending physician.

3. Domiciliary care is provided within administrative boundaries of Moscow that are adjacent to the Moscow Ring Road: Vykhino-Zhulebino, Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Mitino, Novo-Peredelkino, Novokosino, Severnoye Butovo, Severny, Solntsevo, at working hours of the medical institution.

Domiciliary care is provided in case of acute disease to patients who are not able to visit the medical institution for health reasons, have to stay in bed and require physician's follow-up in the following scope:

  • medical assistance (initial consultation by a therapist, execution of a disability certificate, assignment of the necessary examination and treatment);
  • emergency hospitalization of the patient.

4. Diagnostic studies — for medical indications (except for those specified in Section II):

  • X-ray examinations (including computed tomography — once within a year of registration);
  • endoscopic examinations with preliminary test for RW, HIV and hepatitis;
  • ultrasound examinations, including Doppler ultrasound; extra— and transcranial vascular scanning, echocardiography;
  • electroencephalography, echoencephalography with computer data processing, rheoencephalography, rheovasography.
  • functional diagnostics: electrocardiography, stress testing (bicycle ergometry), spirometry, 24-hour ECG and blood pressure monitoring (once during the year of registration).

5. Laboratory tests: general clinical, biochemical, hematological, immunological (thyroid hormones and TPO antibodies; oncomarkers: PSA (total, free, СА—125), bacteriological, immuno-serological, serological, cytological, histological studies, initial detection of STIs (by PCR), except for those specified in Section II.

6. Examination before planned hospitalization and planned surgical treatment.

7. Procedures and medicinal manipulations performed by specialists, surgical interventions not requiring hospitalization to the in-patient departments and conducted under local anesthesia.

8. Influenza vaccination (imported vaccine); tetanus emergency vaccination.

9. Rehabilitation methods of treatment for medical indications:

  • electrotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy, heat therapy — not more than 1 course (10 procedures) of each type for a course of 2 types of physiotherapy for each disease;
  • hydrotherapy (therapeutic baths, underwater massage or therapeutic shower) — up to 10 procedures during the year of registration;
  • classical therapeutic massage, classical acupuncture, therapeutic physical training, simulator training, mechanical massage — not more than 1 course of 10 sessions during the year of registration.

10. Issuance of the necessary medical documentation (except for that specified in Section II) in accordance with the applicable legislation:

  • execution, issuance and extension of temporary disability sheets;
  • execution and issuance of swimming pool certificates, certificates under Form 086/u, certificates for sanatorium and health treatment; execution of a sanatorium and health resort card form, examination and referral to medical and social assessment (based on available examination results, an extract from the medical record for a district out-patient clinic is issued).

11. Dental care includes:

  • treatment of teeth and acute oral states; placement of light-cured imported composites on teeth according to formula 4321|1234 / 4321|1234, chemically cured — in other cases; dental surgery (assistance in acute states — tooth removal, etc.); physical therapy; X-ray examination; anesthesia; removal of dental plaque upon treatment of a specific unit, treatment of exacerbation upon chronic periodontal diseases (not more than 5 sessions).

The Programme does not include the following types of services, which are provided for an additional fee at rates applicable as of the current period:

  • preventive medical examination;
  • dental prosthetics and preparation; cosmetic tooth restoration; restoration of broken tooth crown using  anchor pins; canal filling with gutta-percha; implantation; treatment of paradontosis (except for release of acute state); removal of dental plaque (except for those specified in Section I), pigmentation; fluoro coating; teeth whitening; replacement of bad fillings without medical indications;
  • preventive vaccination (except for emergency prevention of tetanus);
  • medical examination for issuing certificates: for receipt of the driver's license, for amateur sports, for receipt of the firearms license, for business trip, etc., except for those specified in Section I;
  • intravenous urography, hysterosalpingography, thyroid and breast puncture biopsy under ultrasound control, including express cytological diagnostics; densitometry, electroneuromyography;
  • spectral optical coherence tomography;
  • out-patient surgical operations and gynecological surgery conducted under general anesthesia (hysteroscopy, separate diagnostic curettage, abortion (mini-abortion) and other surgery); prenatal care for pregnant women; treatment of male and female infertility; family planning services; introduction and removal of IUD;
  • intravenous laser blood irradiation; intravenous injection of ozonized saline solution; autohemoozonetherapy; plasmapheresis;
  • treatment by gynecologist-endocrinologist (except for initial consultation), including laboratory hormonal tests (except for thyroid hormones);
  • soft contact lenses correction of vision;
  • observation and treatment by psychiatrist, psychologist; psychotherapy;
  • consulting, examination and treatment by the following specialists: surgeon-phlebologist, andrologist, homeopathist;
  • hirudotherapy (including admission by a hirudotherapy physician); chiropractic's services; chiropractic—kinesiologist's services, turpentine baths, dry carbon dioxide bath, pressure therapy;
  • services of the department of dermatocosmetology; body shaping services;
  • stay in the in-patient department (including services provided in the in-patient department), except for emergency medical care;
  • a number of laboratory tests (including sampling of test materials): hormonal examinations (except for thyroid hormones and TPO antibodies); immune status (cellular, humoral, phagocytosis, CIC); allergic diagnostics; culture study of mycosis pathogens;
  • services rendered for preventive and health-improving purposes.
  • services newly introduced in the out-patient clinic after the approval of the medical service programme (in accordance with the order on the out-patient clinic).

Cost: RUB 95,000