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Screening diagnosis of health of adolescents of pre-induction age

Screening diagnosis of health of adolescents of pre-induction age:
Name Quantity
Admission of a pediatrician 2
Consultation by an ophthalmologist 1
Consultation by a children's surgeon 1
Consultation by a trauma orthopaedist 1
Consultation by an endocrinologist 1
Consultation by a neurologist 1
Consultation by an ENT specialist 1
Consultation by a cardiologist 1
Consultation by a gastroenterologist 1
Consultation by an allergist-immunologist 1
Consultation by a dentist 1
Consultation by an urologist-andrologist 1
R-graphy of the chest (if not available for the last 6 months) 1
Spinal R-graphy (the examination area is determined for medical indications) 1
Abdominal ultrasound 1
Scrotal ultrasound 1
Renal, adrenal and retroperitoneal ultrasound 1
Thyroid ultrasound 1
Echocardiography 1
Pulmonary function test 1
Plantography 1
Clinical blood analysis 1
Urine analysis 1
Blood glucose test 1
Biochemical blood analysis: bilirubin (direct, indirect), ALAT, ASAT; 1
Blood test for hormones: thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxin (free T4), TPO antibodies 1
Blood test for RW, HIV, hepatitis B and С, blood type and Rh factor 1
Cost: RUB 28,000 per month