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Balakina Maria Aleksandrovna

About a specialist

Balakina Maria Aleksandrovna

Balakina Maria Aleksandrovna, ENT Specialist. Length of service: since 2014.

  • лор иконка
    ENT Specialist



Professional skills and experience

  • Diagnosis and treatment of inner ear diseases (otitis, hearing loss, eustachitis, mastoiditis), sinusitis, mechanical treatment of tonsillitis with tonsil phonophoresis
  • Puncture and non-puncture treatment of paranasal sinuses (Yamik)
  • Salpingocatheterism
  • Theraupetic and diagnostic puncture of maxillary sinuses
  • Determination of the inflammatory process of paranasal sinuses using an ultrasound scan
  • Tympanometry
  • Audiometry
  • Minor surgery (opening of ENT abscesses, furuncles, ENT)

Education and advanced training

Advanced training in the programme «Current Issues of Clinical Allergology», Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education
Clinical residency at City Clinical Hospital No. 4, Moscow
RUDN — Faculty of Medicine, Medical Care

Work experience: 

  • 2014 till present - ENT Specialist, "Out-patient Clinic on Skatertniy"