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Feoktistova Valentina Pavlovna

About a specialist

Feoktistova Valentina Pavlovna

Feoktistova Valentina Pavlovna, Speech Therapist. Length of service: since 2006.

  • хирургия иконка
    Speech Therapist


Professional skills and experience

  • Diagnostics and correction of various speech disorders
  • Dyslalia (sound disorder)
  • PPSU (phonetic-phonemic speech underdevelopment)
  • GSU (general speech underdevelopment), level I-III
  • SSU (systemic speech underdevelopment)
  • LGSU (lexico-grammatical speech underdevelopment)
  • Disgraphy
  • Dyslexia


Moscow Psychological and Social Institute, specialty "Speech Therapy. Special Psychology"


  • Speech Therapy