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Gerchikova Irina Borisovna

About a specialist

Gerchikova Irina Borisovna, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, length of service: since 1997.

  • хирургия иконка
  • High-level certificate


  • Psychological consulting is an opportunity to find answers to questions of concern and get effective assistance upon depression, neurosis, loneliness, phobias. Psychological consulting allows to determine the form of assistance: individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy or family psychotherapy
  • Individual psychotherapy. Individual psychological consulting and psychotherapy are conducted using special psychological knowledge and psychotherapeutic conversation. Specialists use psychoanalysis - the analysis of situations and dreams, interpretation of psychological implication of the situation, the real causes of behaviour. People apply for individual psychotherapy when they need a deep self-analysis and search for meaning. In other words, when a crisis occurs. And this involves changes, the desire to move to a new level of development, open up new horizons and internal resources
  • Group psychotherapy — its effectiveness depends on special relationships within the group. Understanding and group solidarism help to overcome pessimism and a sense of isolation. The group creates its own world in which each participant acts, communicates, builds relationships in the same way as in everyday life. It gives a unique opportunity to detect, analyze and correct behaviour patterns, overcome personal complexes that cause negative experiences and anxiety, lead to failures and self-accusation
  • Family psychotherapy - Family therapy may increase the family’s ability to reduce the stress and decrease vulnerability to family difficulties. It is typically in the transition period that the family seeks help from specialists because of the impossibility to adapt to a new situation or even accept it. To move to a new level, the family should make qualitative changes in the organization, adapt to the current situation of family relationships and develop a new image of family members
  • On-site groups - this programme introduces the current principles of creation of inner balance, promotes to a conscious understanding of yourself, transformation and finding new goals, having a harmonious look at yourself, your body and inner world

Education and advanced training

Psychotherapeutic education complying with the European Certificate of Psychotherapy programme. Cluster analysis. Hyman Spotnitz School
State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Faculty of Clinical Psychology

Work experience:

  • Psychoanalytic Therapist, FBUZ Russian Ministry for Economic Development Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre (Out-patient Clinic No. 1);
  • Centre for Psychological Adjustment;
  •  Federal Drug Control Service of Russia "Central Out-patient Clinic"

Cost of initial admission:

  • Individual psychotherapeutic consultation - RUB 3,000 
  • Family psychotherapeutic consultation - RUB 5,000 
  • Group psychotherapeutic consultation - RUB 1,500.