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Romanova Yelena Valeryevna

About a specialist

Romanova Yelena Valeryevna

Romanova Yelena Valeryevna, Dental Therapist. Length of service: since 2000.

  • хирургия иконка
    Dental Therapist



Professional skills and experience

  • Treatment of caries and non-carious tooth defects
  • Treatment of complicated caries — pulpitis, periodontitis, recuring
  • Treatment of  periodontal diseases, including using Vector device
  • Treatment of oral diseases
  • Professional oral hygiene (ultrasound cleaning, air flow, remineralization therapy)
  • Assisting patients in the selection of oral hygiene products
  • Training in proper toothbrushing

Education and advanced training

RMAPO «Dental Therapy»
MSUMD «Current Issues of Dental Therapy»
MSUMD «Modern problems of endodontics»}, {«year»: «2009», «text»: «MSUMD »Latest methods of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases"«}, {»year«: »2006«, »text«: »PMA «Initial specialization in dental therapy»«}, {»year«: »2001«, »text«: »Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery. "Dental Surgery
Internship: Central Clinical Military Hospital of the Federal Security Service of Russia
University of Medicine and Dentistry

Advanced training courses:

  • Innovative technologies in endodontics, VDW, Central Research Institute of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Aesthetic restoration of the anatomical shape of anterior and lateral teeth, MosExpoDental
  • Restoration in dentistry, 3M-ESPE
  • Restoration in dentistry, KERR
  • Participant of Quintessence Science Congress
  • Participant of the 3rd and 4th Congress "Ecology of the Brain"