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Shapovalova Zhanna Borisovna

About a specialist

Shapovalova Zhanna Borisovna, Ophthalmologist, Category 1. Length of service: since 2001.

  • офтальмология иконка
  • Category 1


  • General out-patient admission and additional examination - corneal confocal microscopy.
  • Knows the latest methods of ophthalmologic examination and treatment of glaucoma, retinal pathology, ametropia, corneal pathology and inflammatory eye diseases.
  • Multiple speaker at conferences with presentations «Use of confocal microscopy in diagnosis of corneal diseases».
  • Constantly improves her qualification by studying scientific literature, attending ophthalmological conferences.

Education and advanced training

Advanced training and certification in ophthalmology, Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases in 2015.
Advanced training and certification in Ophthalmology, SEI CPE «RMAPO of Roszdrav».
Thematic training at the Leningrad State Institute of Advanced Medical Studies «Myopia and other ametropia».
Graduated with distinction from the Tashkent State Medical Institute, specialty «Medical Care».
Completed the internship and specialization in ophthalmology at the Republican Clinical Hospital.

Work experience: 

  • Ophthalmologist at the City Consultation and Diagnostic Centre.
  • Since 2011, Branch "Out-patient Clinic on Lomonosovskiy", FBUZ "Russian Ministry for Economic Development Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre".