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Skripchenko Natalya Danilovna

About a specialist

Skripchenko Natalya Danilovna

Dietician. Length of service: since 2002.

  • хирургия иконка
  • Candidate of Medical Science


Professional skills and experience

  • The entire scope of dietician's consultation of patients with various pathologies: Diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiac heart disease, arterial hypertension, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gallstone disease, anemia, overweight and underweight patients, pregnant women, children, and patients with a complex of diseases” requiring combined diets, often incompatible
  • Analysis of body composition and interpretation of impedancemetry results
  • Execution of an individual diet, taking into account biochemical parameters and individual preferences
  • Conducting lectures, seminars for endocrinologists, dieticians, gastroenterologists

Author of numerous publications in magazines (Top Sante, Shape, Hello, Glamour, Man’s Health, Women's Health, Health and Beauty), on websites, Participated in TV programmes "Health Recipe" and "Profession", Doverie, Moskva 24 channels