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    Children’s programmes looking to the future

    Medical supervision of children from birth to 18-year-olds, in the centre of Moscow. A multi-disciplinary children’s clinic at the Out-patient Clinic on Skatertniy. Individual approach to each child and selection of the optimal medical programme.

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    New diagnosis method!

    Highly specific, pre-biopsy, prostate cancer diagnostics (the latest international recommendations).

    At the Out-patient Clinic on Skatertniy, urologists use a new method for diagnosing prostate cancer from blood indicators and determining the specific PCA-3 gene in the urine.

    The prostate health index is a reliable way to identify cancer prior to a biopsy.

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    How to protect yourself, your daughter and mother against cervical cancer?

    At the Out-patient Clinic on Skatertniy, a strategy has been elaborated according to international standards for diagnosing and preventing cervical problems for both women and girls.

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    Healthy leisure

    Voronovo Sanatorium offers unique opportunities for health-giving leisure. The large territory, forest, pond, sports halls and courts, the big swimming pool, health-restoring programmes at the medical centre and easy transport access make Voronovo an ideal place for both leisure and treatment. 

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    Pre-natal care 

    Programmes have been specifically developed for keeping fit and gaining confidence before giving birth.

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    Spa programmes

    Living in a big city deprives one of a lot of energy, and stress has a depressive effect on the body. The medical centre at the Voronovo Sanatorium offers guests restorative programmes that have a beneficial effect on the body, while improving one’s sense of well-being and mood.

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    Women’s health

    RRegular examinations allow dangerous infections and pathologies to be rapidly and precisely diagnosed and, more importantly, prevented.

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Federal State-Funded Healthcare Institution (FBUZ) Russian Ministry for Economic Development Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre

Our Centre is a multi-disciplinary clinical and diagnostic centre with the capacity to provide the full range of out-patient treatment and preventive medicine measures for maintaining and restoring patients' health. In addition, the Centre has a developed sanatorium base, providing our clients with a unique opportunity for relaxing and receiving first class treatment in the Moscow area.

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