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About Us

About Us

The Centre includes two, previously Gosplan run, out-patient clinics in the centre of Moscow that were subsequently taken over by the Ministry for Economic Development. 

In addition to the clinics, the Centre has the Voronovo Sanatorium, just 40 Km from Moscow along the Kaluga Highway. It is a unique place for rest and treatment in the Moscow area.

Medical services are provided seven days a week in all disciplines of general practice medicine, paediatrics (medical observation for patients from birth to 18-year-olds), obstetrics and gynaecology, neurology,  surgery (including surgical treatment), dermatology and venerology, and cosmetology. The full range of dental, eye, ear, nose and throat diagnostic and treatment procedures are conducted, and a differentiated approach is taken to rehabilitation means and methods in the restorative treatment departments.

All of the following these features ensure constant improvement and help maintain the institution’s high reputation among the clientele:

  • Modern methods of diagnosis
  • Development and introduction of specialised programmes at all the FBUZ Ministry for Economic Development Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre departments
  • Teamwork between highly qualified specialists with many years’ experience
  • Continuous professional growth of the medical personnel
  • Multi-discipline approach in collaboration with leading state-run scientific centres
  • Educational departments and settings in Moscow
  • Opportunity to implement preventive medicine in many disciplines at the sanatoria
  • High quality rehabilitation using as many medical technologies as possible in combination with relaxing recreation

After all, it is the quality and accessibility of public healthcare and the creation of a healthy lifestyle that determine the final outcome achieved by our medical Centre.

Out-patient Clinic on Skatertniy

The separate subdivision out-patient Clinic on Skatertniy has been providing effective medical care to the public since 1978. It is distinguished by its obstetrics and gynaecology services, and paediatrics department under the “mother-placenta-foetus” programme. This is as well as the implementation of a programme for determining the reproductive potential (reserve) of women (screening) in conjunction with the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. The priority line of development is early diagnosis, using molecular-genetic diagnosis methods with the opportunity they provide for preventive identification of pathologies before symptoms emerge, the determination of genetic predisposition to various afflictions, and performance of prenatal genetic diagnosis. New prospective lines are being elaborated for developing the cancer and proctology services and cardio-vascular disease prevention. Such development is made possible by the multi-disciplinary collaboration between various specialists within the scope of cooperation with leading scientific personnel of Moscow research centres, particularly the State-Funded Healthcare Institution A.S. Loginov MKNTs. The clinic provides healthcare at home to children and adults, while general practitioners and paediatricians conduct various diagnostic procedures using equipment replacing in-patient with single-day treatment.

Out-patient Clinic on Lomonosovskiy

The out-patient Clinic on Lomonosovskiy was established in 1985. Since its inception, the clinic has developed into a multi-disciplinary medical centre with a round-the-clock in-patient facility for performing operations of various degrees of complexity, followed by mandatory observation by the surgeon, as well as multifaceted, comprehensive supervision over several days. It also provides facilities for undergoing short-term treatment programmes in comfortable conditions. The in-patient facility meets the best global standards in terms of the latest surgical equipment and use of safe, minimally invasive methods, ensuring provision of quality medical care and rapid post-surgical rehabilitation of the patient.

Voronovo Sanatorium

Voronovo Sanatorium is located 40 Km along the Kaluga Highway, on the grounds of an old estate. At the disposal of the guests are a large number of comfortable rooms of various categories looking out on to a beautiful view of a big lake and forest. One major advantage of the sanatorium is that it is easily accessible by transport from Moscow: just 35-40 minutes by car and you will find yourself in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It is also easy to get to the sanatorium by public transport.

The medical centre at the sanatorium was built in 2013. It is staffed with highly-qualified personnel and equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, while the unique natural conditions allow patients with cardio-vascular, respiratory, orthopaedic and nervous system problems to undergo effective preventive care, treatment and rehabilitation.

The sanatorium offers a variety of types of medical care: health resort treatment, medical rehabilitation on an in-patient or out-patient basis, and out-patient examination and treatment.

The sanatorium also provides extensive opportunities for active leisure, no matter what the season or weather. Guests may use the big swimming pool, with sections for children and adults, all year round. Volleyball training, yoga and step aerobics classes are held in the sports hall. There are facilities for playing billiards, badminton and table tennis. For tennis players, there is a court with a professional surface. In the summer, there is an equipped beach. For those who prefer a quieter, less active holiday, excursion programmes, thematic events and evenings are organised.

Since being equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, the sanatorium has recently started becoming popular for conferences, seminars and other corporate events.