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Dear patients, ladies and gentlemen, let's enter a dialogue…

Intimacy is one of the main spheres of human life that affects its quality, determines its harmony and integrity. Preservation of reproductive function is an integral part of general health and psychological well-being.

Be aware: sexual dysfunction is a common state! sexual dysfunction significantly decreases the quality of life! sexual disorders often accompany many somatic diseases, drug interactions, surgical interventions and injuries! About 15% of married couples have impregnation problems. It is known that male and female infertility factors have the same ratio in  causes of infertility, although in recent years male fertility disorders prevail and represent a global problem! The number of endocrine diseases and states accompanied by ejaculate disorders, as well as the share of genetic abnormalities increase! It is essential to carry out the simultaneous examination of the spouses, starting from a man because it is faster and easier! Only the comprehensive examination and treatment of the couple can improve reproductive indicators, in particular, improve the efficiency of assisted reproductive technologies!

Modern andrology accompanied with innovative methods of psychology, pharmacotherapy and rehabilitation medicine can solve the most difficult issues of sexual adaptation at any age!

Our clinic will develop an individual programme of restoration of sexual function, improvement of the quality of sexual relations, whatever insolvable problem exists.

Our clinic offers examination and treatment upon unsuccessful impregnation or upon planning of pregnancy! We'll change the situation together with you!

We offer the best services in modern urology and andrology!

Dear men and women, take care of yourselves, remember that YOUR fundamental right is to live a full-on and quality life, in harmony with  yourselves and other people.

Best regards, Koroleva Svetlana Vladimirovna, High-Level Certificate Urologist-Andrologist, M.D.