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Rectal and colonic diseases require increased attention since they are often asymptomatic at the initial stages. When progressing, they can cause many problems and significantly reduce the quality of life. Painful symptoms bring maximum discomfort, while complications pose a serious threat to health. Patients with this delicate problem are unwilling to consult a proctologist, and they choose self-treatment. This aggravates the risk of disease progression, its transition from acute to chronic form. Besides, there is a risk of development of malignant colon tumors. The early diagnosis thereof is a prerequisite of successful treatment.

Currently, we know diagnostic and treatment methods, which cause minimum concern to the patient, both physiologically and morally. The method of treatment is always chosen individually for each patient.

Our clinic applies the advanced minimally invasive treatment methods: sclerotherapy, latex ligation, disarterization of hemorrhoids, removal of anal papillomas, external hemorrhoids, perianal condylomas. Treatment is conducted on an out-patient basis, without hospitalization. This does not require changing the living habits. The main thing is to timely apply for care.

One-day in-patient departments performs a full range of surgical interventions for treatment of hemorrhoids, epithelial coccygeal passages, rectal fistula, epithelial coccygeal passage, using the advanced technologies, such as: harmonic scalpel, LigaSure, radio-wave method.

Please remember that our experts will help you solve serious problems that require immediate handling!