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Dietician's admission is available only on a paid basis.

Dietology is a science that studies principles of proper nutrition in various diseases, such as: diabetes mellitus, cardiac heart disease, arterial hypertension, gastric ulcer, overweight or underweight and others.

Before visiting a dietician, a biochemical blood analysis and ultrasound of abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas) are carried out. The results obtained allow the specialist to identify the causes of diseases and choose methods of treatment more accurately.

A visit to a dietician includes the following examination:

Determination of body composition by bioimpedance method:

  • fat mass;
  • musculoskeletal mass ratio;
  • fluid volume in the body;

Determination of general patient's nutrition:

  • dietary habits;
  • time intervals between meals.

As a result of visit to a dietician, a patient obtains a full conclusion with recommendations for nutrition normalization.

  • Determination of composition and amount of products required by the patient.
  • Calculation of the required caloric value.
  • Consideration of tastes.
  • Inclusion of additional products to reduce, if necessary, the cholesterol level, increase calcium content, etc.

Recommendations given will allow to reduce weight in an effective way and for a long period without ricochet weight gain.

If necessary, an individual diet for several days is executed.