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The duration of the consultation admission is 40 minutes. Cost of initial consultation — RUB 3,000, cost of return consultation — RUB 2,500. Internet appointment is not applied.

This page is written by a pulmonologist for patients who want to know more about their disease or understand which specialist is to be applied with the complaints.

This page may be useful for general practitioners who do not know what specialists can help their patients with difficult-to-treat, chronic or rare bronchopulmonary pathology.

This page is for those who want to discuss and learn about new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary and bronchial diseases.

This page is written for those who just wish to talk about his/her disease, but not in a difficult and unclear medical language.

Who is a pulmonologist? It is a physician engaged in diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, mainly , pulmonary and bronchial diseases.

What is the procedure of pulmonologist's consultation in the clinical and diagnostic department?

  • Detailed history taking: complaints, medical history, detection of occupational hazards, allergy, etc. This is a critical stage of cooperation with the patient because it allows to identify the range of diseases that cause the patient to apply to a physician, as well as to determine the first diagnostic stage.
  • Thorough examination of the patient: skin colour, chest shape, auscultation findings (auscultation using a phonendoscope) and many other signs that allow the physician to detect the disease.
  • Mandatory pulse oximetry - determination of the oxygen level in peripheral blood to detect respiratory failure and causes of dyspnea.
  • Analysis of data available and study conducted and/or determination of the necessary examinations for correct diagnosis
  • Establishment of a final or preliminary diagnosis.
  • Assignment of therapy and training, if necessary, in the use of a nebulizer, a spacer, a peak flow meter, breathing simulators, an inhaler.

Methods of clinical and instrumental examination often assigned by the pulmonologist:

  • pulmonary function test (PFT, including bronchodilator or bronchoprovocation tests);
  • Body plethysmography — a method allowing to detect impaired ventilatory lung capacity more accurately than PFT;
  • Lung diffusion capacity test - a method allowing to determine the failure of oxygen supply to blood through the pulmonary tissue;
  • Chest X-ray or computed tomography;
  • Cardiac and vessel echocardiography, including determination of pressure in the pulmonary artery;
  • Allergic examination;
  • Immunological examination;
  • Consultation by ENT specialist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist;
  • Consultation by specialists.

Types of pulmonologist's consultation in the clinical and diagnostic department:

  • Initial and return consultation;
  • The duration of initial consultation is at least 40 minutes;
  • Absentee consultation based on the provided medical records to determine the tactics and algorithm for further action. This is especially relevant for patients residing far from Moscow, or for people who have elderly relatives and seriously ill friends, who cannot  make a personal visit to a specialist.

For more details about causes of complaints that may disturb a pulmonary patient, about bronchopulmonary diseases, diagnostic methods in pulmonology, please visit a personal web-page of Pulmonologist, M.D. Karnaushkina Maria Aleksandrovna