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Department staff includes neurologists, neurophysiologists, a somnologist, a sexual health specialist, psychotherapists, manual therapists, acupuncture therapists.

Head of department:

Grigoryeva Lyudmila Sergeevna

Consulting Physician:

Levin Oleg Semyonovich — head of the Department of Neurology, SBEI CPE RMAPO, member of the Executive Committee of the European Section. M.D., Professor.


  • extrapyramidal disorders;
  • diagnosis and treatment of depression upon Parkinson's disease;
  • early diagnosis and treatment of cognitive impairment (Alzheimer's disease, dementia in Parkinson's disease, vascular dementia. Primary prevention of cognitive impairments.

Editor-in-Chief of Elderly Patient journal.

Consulting Physician:

Vlasov Pavel Nikolaevich — M.D., Professor, member of the European Academy of Epilepsy.

Direction: epilepsy in women:

  • catamenial epilepsy syndrome;
  • epilepsy and pregnancy;
  • epilepsy and menopause;
  • pharmaco-hormonal aspects and female genital comorbidity.

The department offers the following diagnostic methods:

  • Echoencephalography method (ECHO EG) is based on ultrasound location of signals from different brain structures and pathological intracranial formations. It is non-invasive and widely used in emergency and out-patient practice — all neurologists of the department know this method of examination.
  • Electroneuromyography (ENMG — method of assessment of the functional state of peripheral nerves, allowing to characterize motor and sensitive disorders (lesion level, severity of lesion, treatment dynamics)).

All department specialists know the method of antalgic blockades upon pain syndrome.

Department staff successfully applies the programmes of diagnosis, treatment and medical supervision of elderly people with cognitive impairments (Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, dementia in Parkinson's disease).

Consultation and further follow-up of patients are carried out by Sexual Health Specialist, M.D. Koroleva S.V.

The department is staffed with psychotherapists dealing with mental health issues. Specialists apply psychological consultation and further follow-up to resolve seemingly "unsolvable" problems and distress of soul. Physicians know unique methods of psychological assistance — Ericksonian hypnosis, autogenic training. Issues of cognitive data processing, body-oriented stress release.