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Department of ophthalmology

The Department of Ophthalmology of our clinic offers effective and quality diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, including surgery laser and out-patient surgery).

We offer full diagnosis of the visual organ using state-of-the-art equipment, including the advanced hardware computer studies, Heidelberg retinal tomography (HRT), Optical coherence tomography of the retina and optic nerve (OCT), Fluorescent angiography (FAG), Keratopachymetry, Corneal confocal microscopy, Autorefkeratometry, Non-contact tonometry, Humphrey perimeter and НЕР, ultrasonic testing, А and В eyebulb scanning, Electronic tonography. Provision of prompt comprehensive consultation and treatment from ophthalmologists. Additional consultation of a neuro-ophthalmologist, an opthalmic laser surgeon, an ophthalmic surgeon, as well as consultation from professors of the leading ophthalmologic clinics in Moscow.

Our Department of Ophthalmology provides assistance to patients with the following diseases:

  • inflammatory diseases (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, hordeolum, chalazion, keratitis, uveitis);
  • Computer syndrome and Dry eye syndrome, meibomian gland dysfunction (special methods of treatment of eyelids — special methods of treatment of eyelid massage);
  • refractive pathologies (diagnosis, correction, including selection of simple and complex lens, including progressive lens);
  • diseases of the crystalline lens and vitreous humor: cataract (diagnosis and conservative treatment, determination of terms and indications for surgical treatment, retinal study for prediction of the surgery result, postoperative follow-up and correction); vitreous humor (destruction, posterior vitreous detachment, hemophthalmia);
  • glaucoma (the full range of the advanced high-tech diagnostic procedures allows for early diagnosis, selection of regimen, dynamic supervision, possible consultation from a glaucomatologist, Prof., determination of indications for surgical treatment, possible laser antiglaucoma surgery);
  • retinal and choroidal pathology (biomicroophthalmoscopy with high diopter lenses and Goldmann lens; OCT of the retina and optic nerve; Fluorescent angiography (FAG); delimiting laser photocoagulation of retinal degeneration foci, laser retinal photocoagulation, etc.).

The following surgeries are conducted: out-patient eyelid surgeries (chalasion removal, entropium-ectropion, removal of papillomas and  cysts), strabismus surgery; laser treatment of retinal pathology (delimiting and focal laser retinal photocoagulation), laser treatment of glaucoma (laser iridectomy, selective laser trabeculoplasty), secondary cataract (posterior capsule discission); intravitreal drug administration (Lucentis, Eylea anti-VEGF).

For convenience of patients, in our hall there is an optic shop, where you can order individual spectacles of any complexity with high-quality lenses of various manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy, Korea. We have a wide range of frames, from economy to premium class.

Our clinic holds scientific and practical conferences attended by the leading ophthalmologists of Moscow and St. Petersburg. They cover the new methods of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, involve specialists of our department are held in cooperation with the leading foreign and national medical companies, which familiarizes our staff with the latest and most effective ophthalmological methods.

To make your visit more comfortable, you can get any information and make an appointment by phone of the reception desk of the Department of Ophtlhalmology, or by visiting our website. Visit a feedback page on the clinic's website to order a return call or leave your comments and suggestions.