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Physical Therapy Department

The Physical Therapy Department includes the following units:

  • admission room;
  • electrophototherapy room;
  • aerosol inhalation room;
  • therapeutic physical training room;
  • shock wave therapy room;
  • Hivamat therapy room;
  • massage rooms.

The department offers:

all types of electrotherapy (galvanization and electrophoresis, electrostimulation, diadynamic therapy, franklinization, microwave therapy, amplipulse therapy, electrofield treatment, inductothermia, darsonvalization, sinusoidally modulated therapy),

  • ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis,
  • magnetic field treatment,
  • phototherapy and laser therapy,
  • heat therapy (paraffin and ozokerite),
  • shock wave therapy,
  • Hivamat therapy,
  • inhalation,
  • cryotherapy,
  • therapeutic physical training, including individually,
  • cardiac diagnostics and cardiovascular exercises,
  • weight loss and body shaping programmes.

Physiotherapy  is a treatment using physical factors — electricity and light, magnet and ultrasound, heat and cold. As part of complex treatment, physical therapy provides effective assistance in treatment of various diseases.

Physical therapy is well combined with therapeutic physician training and massage. Procedures are carried out by specially trained nurse upon recommendation and after examination by a physiotherapist.

The department offers diagnostics in the TPT room before the start of procedures and training in order to determine the biological age and organism potential. This is especially relevant upon planning of health-improving training for weight loss and body shaping. Programmes are executed individually, include training in the TPT room, use of simulators, massage. Programmes include 10 visits and are held for 1 month.

Aerosol inhalation room

The room is equipped with inhalers and devices for short-range ultraviolet irradiation of the pharynx and nose.

Procedures are carried out upon physician's assignment in various diseases: rhinitis, sinusitis, maxillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheobronchitis and hearing diseases.

The therapeutic physical training room is equipped for group and individual training. The advanced technologies and course techniques are applied.

Massage procedures are carried out in separate equipped rooms by qualified massage therapists.

Massage hours: 7.45 - 20.30 on week days, 8.00 - 17.00 on Saturday.