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Department of otorhinolaryngology

Our department is stafeed with High-Level Certificate ENT specialists, Candidates of medical science.


  • video endoscopic diagnostics of nasal, nasopharyngeal, laryngeal and ear diseases
  • complex assessment of hearing, state of the middle ear and auditory tube using tympanometry, impedancemetry and audiometry
  • ultrasound of paranasal sinuses (echosinusoscopy) — allows to determine the state of paranasal sinuses without X-ray, which is essential for pregnant women
  • determination of ENT microflora and sensitivity to antibiotics, bacteriophages


  • vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, chronic tonsillitis, ear disease (acute and chronic otitis, eustachitis)
  • non-puncture treatment of maxillitis, including YAMIK sinus catheter
  • liquid nitrogen (CRYO) treatment of nasal bleeding, pharyngitis
  • removal of benign tumors with subsequent histological examination
  • restoration of nasal breathing by endonasal blockades, radio-wave method (SURGITRON)
  • the in-patient department offers surgical treatment of crooked nasal septum, polyps, cysts and chronic sinusitis