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Pulmonology — area of medicine related to diagnosis and treatment pulmonary and bronchial diseases. Unfortunately, today's adverse environmental conditions in large cities, seasonal viral infections have been increasing the number of pulmonological diseases that are not always detected during a standard medical examination.

Our institution has one of the most advanced pulmonology rooms and new generation equipment:

  • pulmonary computed tomography device, including in high resolution;
  • pulmonary function test device, including bronchial spasmolytic tests;
  • set of bronchofiberscopy devices (if necessary, under general anesthesia);
  • oximetric test devices (determination of blood oxygen level), including detection of problems related to respiratory failure while sleeping (sleep oximetry);
  • plasmapheresis equipment.

Supervision and treatment provided in our pulmonology room can promote to long-term remission of the disease (in case of chronic disease) and avoid complications in case of acute pathology.
We carry out:

  • diagnosis and treatment of bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary fever (pneumonia);
  • treatment of interstitial pulmonary diseases;
  • treatment and supervision of patients with respiratory sarcoidosis with plasmapheresis;
  • treatment of patients with bronchiectasis, including therapeutic bronchoscopy in the day patient department;
  • treatment and detection of cause of persistent cough;
  • diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (cessation of breathing while sleeping);
  • rehabilitation course after a bronchopulmonary disease;
  • complex allergological examination.

An essential advantage of our institution is the ability to diagnose and treat pulmonary problems using the entire set of advanced equipment:

  • on an out-patient bases (periodic visits to pulmonologist);
  • in the day patient department (patient's stay in the Institution during a day under supervision of qualified medical personnel, including the necessary diagnostic and (or) treatment procedures).

The admission is provided by Karnaushkina Maria Aleksandrovna, M.D., Pulmonologist, full member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), Associate Professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy, I.M. Sechenov First MSMU. For more details, reas the section "Pulmonology" of the Clinical and Diagnostic Department and on the personal web-page of Pulmonologist, M.D. Karnaushkina Maria Aleksandrovna