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Clinic on Skatertniy

About the clinic

The history of FBUZ Ministry for Economic Development Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre begins in 1978 with the Gosplan USSR out-patient clinic at 10, Skatertniy Pereulok.

The clinic, together with the whole country, has gone through three historical stages, And, though the clinic comes under a government department, our doors are open to all.

An entire treatment and diagnostic complex (over 30 disciplines) for adults, adolescents and children is concentrated on a single site.

Patients at the clinic are seen by 138 physicians, 108 of them with higher and first level qualification grades. These include 23 Candidates of Medical Science (CSc (Med.)) and two Doctors of Medical Sciences (DSc (Med.)). The flexible registration terms allow a convenient and beneficial service programme to be selected.

Working hours:

Days of the week

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

7:30 - 20:00


9:00 - 17:00

Sunday ( September through May)

09:00 - 14:00

For adults (over the age of 18)

  • Annual programme:  developed by analogy to the Voluntary Medical Insurance policy programmes. Fixed programme price. No limit to the number of visits per specialist, procedure or test. Registration term: 1 year.
  • Treatment programmes: optimal programmes for treating specific disorders.
  • Advance agreement: depending on the initial fee for all services, a discount of 20, 25, 30%.
  • Prenatal care programmes: programmes drawn up in compliance with the Russian Federation standards. Molecular-genetic diagnostics may be added. By trimester and for the full period of pregnancy.
  • Screening programmes + standard health examination: designed to create an overall picture of the patient’s health. Term: 1 month.
  • CHECK UP programmes: the check-up takes 1–2 days. Express diagnostics by discipline.
  • Health improvement programmes: include complexes of physiotherapy and rehabilitation procedures.

For children and adolescents (birth to 18 years)

Terms analogous to adult programmes.

It has become a good tradition in the clinic’s practice to get a second opinion or conduct consultations with assistant professors and professors of Moscow’s leading universities and clinics.

The priority is early diagnosis using molecular-genetic diagnostic methods, and the range of technologies obviating the need for a hospital stay is expanding.

Close co-operation with the obstetrics and gynaecology department of the general medicine faculty at FGAOU VO I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University made it possible to set up the “University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic” at the clinic.

Besides standard actual visits to the clinic, “Telemedicine” (on-line consultation) is actively developing. Joint consultations on reproduction are held with specialists from the IVI international clinic. The merging of the clinic’s capabilities and innovations in the medical sphere allow results to be attained without using reproduction technologies (IVF).

How to find us

Our address: Our address: Moscow, 10-12 Skatertniy Per., bld. 1
We are located in the centre of Moscow and are easy to reach both on foot and by car. There is a free carpark for patients.
It is also easy to get to the clinic by above-ground transport, allowing you to avoid traffic jams and enjoy the Moscow scenery. The clinic’s reception area can be entered from 10-12 Skatertniy Per. or from 5 Stoloviy Per.

  • Arbatskaya (10 min.)
  • Barrikadnaya (15 min.)
  • Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya (15 min.)
  • From Barrikadnaya Metro station: buses No. 243, No. 39 and No. mb to Nikitskiye Vorota stop
  • From Pushkinskaya Metro station: buses No. 15 and No. А to Nikitskiye Vorota-TASS stop

From Arbatskaya Metro station:
Take the exit to Arbatskaya Square, cross by subway to the seven-storey administrative building Novy Arbat 2, pass under the arch on Merzlyakovskiy Per. and proceed to Skatertniy Per. (second lane on the left).

From Barrikadnaya Metro station:
Take the exit (single exit) to Moscow Zoo, walk along Barrikadnaya St. to the Garden Ring, take the subway under the Garden Ring then follow Bolshaya Nikitskaya St. to the Greater Church of Christ's Ascension by Nikitskiye Vorota (36 Bolshaya Nikitskaya St.), turn right on to Nozhoviy Per., then take the first left on to Stoloviy Per. You need 3 Stoloviy Per., where the other entrance to the clinic is located. Alternatively, from Barrikadnaya Metro station, travel three stops on buses 243, 39 or mb to the Nikitskiye Vorota stop. Then turn right on to Medvezhiy Per. and you will find the 5 Stoloviy Per. entrance to the clinic directly in front of you.

From Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya Metro station:
If you travel by the green line, you need the rear carriages; if by the purple line, the front carriages. Exit towards Pushkinskaya Square, walk along Tverskoy Boulevard to Malaya Nikitskaya St., cross the road, walk past the Natalya and Alexander fountain, cross Bolshaya Nikitskaya St. by the pedestrian crossing, go right round the small white church (Church of the Blessed Fyodor Studit by Nikitskiye Vorota, 29 Bolshaya Nikitskaya St.) and straight along Medvezhiy Per. to the clinic entrance from 5 Stoloviy Per. Instead of walking, you may take bus No. 15 or No. A for two stops to the Nikitskiye Vorota-TASS stop. In the opinion of our staff, by taking the most pleasant route along Tverskoy Boulevard, you can combine a visit to the clinic with a leisurely walk through the centre of Moscow.

By car:
г.Moscow, 5 Stoloviy Per. is the most convenient destination by car if you intend to use the free carpark).
For the convenience of patients, there is a free carpark. On entering or leaving the carpark, you will be assisted by the dispatch duty officer. When you reach the barrier, ring the duty officer on 8(495) 697-50-11. (The telephone number is also shown on the barrier itself).