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The Day-Patient Department is a multi-disciplinary unit created to provide highly qualified, treatment and diagnostic in-patient care to the patients not requiring 24-hour medical follow-up.

Head of Day Patient Department:

Maksimenko Lavr Vladimirovich — High-Level Certificate Anesthesiologist-Reanimatologist.

Main fields of work:

Course medicinal treatment by prescription of various specialists, intravenous infusion therapy (infusion drip),

  • Intravenous stream introduction of drugs.
  • Intramuscular injection course with monitoring of patient’s state.

Anesthetic management of minimally invasive surgical interventions carried out in the department of gynecology and surgery of the out-patient clinic.

  • Separate diagnostic curettage of the uterus;
  • Medical abortions;
  • Scalpel cervical biopsy;
  • Hernia repair,
  • Removal of benign tumors,
  • Excision of hemorrhoids, etc. Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, treatment and extraction of teeth under premedication (sedation).

Ensuring safety of X-ray contrast studies (computed tomography with intravenous contrast; intravenous urography; hysterosalpingography

Provision of emergency care to clinic patients with various exigent conditions. We ensure prompt hospitalization of patients to Moscow in-patient departments for medical indications, in consultation with the attending physician of the out-patient clinic of the respective specialization

Consultation activities (preoperative examination by an anesthesiologist; patient examination before X-ray contrast examination, selection of patients for planned ozone therapy, out-patient treatment plasmapheresis

Out-patient treatment plasmapheresis for patients with various pathologies. Out-patient treatment plasmapheresis procedures are performed using TsLP 3–3,5  portable centrifuge and  Rosa plasma filters (Trackpore Technology)

General ozone therapy: intravenous injection of ozonized saline solution. Ozonized solutions for intravenous injection are prepared using UOTA-60-01 ozonator unit (MEDOZONE)

Fetal monitoring (fetal cardiotocography) using a modern Sonicaid TEAM device, which records heart rate, fetal motion activity, uterine contractile activity, antenatal automatic analysis after 26 weeks of pregnancy, including the assessment of severity of metabolic acidosis and the predicted result for a child.

Our day patient department offers a course of treatment not only to registered patients, but also to residents of other districts, who have a referral from their attending physician.