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The Neurology Department effectively applies reflexotherapy. This time-tested method was developed in China 5 thousand years ago and has retained its significance nowadays and even been expanded.

Our reflexologists:

YUGOVA S.V: High-Level Certificate Reflexologist, member of the Association of Reflexologists of Russia, length of service in reflexotherapy: over 20 years.

Conducts traditional diagnostics to find acupuncture points, passed training in China, effectively applies both classical acupuncture and the latest methods of reflexotherapy. Applies electropunctural diagnostics by Nakatani using MEDISCRIN hardware-software system. Has been applying treatment homeopathy for about 20 years, passed training at the London Faculty of Homeopathy. Applies hirudotherapy in treatment of pain syndromes, headaches, hypertension, glaucoma and many other diseases.

BOGUSHEVSKAYA M.L.: High-Level Certificate Reflexologist, length of service: over 20 years.

Effectively applies classical and the latest methods of reflexotherapy in treatment of a wide range of diseases (pain management). Applies the method of homeosiniatric pharmacopuncture, hirudotherapy.

All acupuncture points are selected individually for each patient, taking into account the constitutional type of the patient (the main principle is to treat the diseases, but not the patient). Reflexologists know the advanced techniques, such as homeosiniatric pharmacopuncture (combined homeopathy and reflexotherapy, i.e., injection of Heel Ampullen (Germany) in acupuncture points).

Other methods that can be deemed alternative to drug ones include hirudotherapy (leechcraft — time-tested method of treatment, chosen strictly for indications), which is widely used in acupuncture room.

The advanced computer-assisted electropunctural diagnostics by NAKATANI using MEDISCRIN hardware-software system allows to detect disturbance in organs and organ systems, including at early preclinical stages, observe the treatment dynamics.

Homeopathy is widely used in our days for treatment of various diseases. The main principle of homeopathy is to treat “like with like”. It is executed in treatment by single medicines and complex homeopathic medicines in microdoses.

The reflexology room is used for treatment of:

  1. Diseases of the nervous system (headaches, dizziness, sonitus, migraines, sleep disorders, panic attacks, back pains, radiculitis and intervertebral hernia, neuralgia, facial neuritis, tunnel syndromes, peripheral neuritis and plexitis, etc.);
  2. Musculoskeletal diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis);
  3. Gastrointestinal diseases (a wide range — gastritis, biliary and colonic dyskinesia, etc.);
  4. Endocrine diseases, obesity and metabolic syndromes. Treatment of substance abuse, overeating, weight loss, assistance in smoking cessation;
  5. ENT diseases (chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis, maxillitis, neurosensory loss of hearing — progression prevention);
  6. Skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis);
  7. Gynecology (ovarian dysfunction, menstrual pain, preparation for pregnancy) and urology (erectile dysfunction, prostatitis).

And many other diseases, including chronic fatigue syndrome, reduced immunity in sickly patietns, etc. The acupuncture room has recently been transferred to new cozy, spacious premises. Sessions are conducted with the music, allowing patients to relax during a procedure.