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Physical therapy is an integral part of complex treatment and rehabilitation of patients with various diseases and traumatic injuries. The use of physical therapy in the complex treatment of diseases significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment. Physical therapy is a physiological and harmless process. Experienced nurses carry out the following procedures:

  • electrophototherapy
  • myostimulation
  • ultrasound therapy and combined method
  • UHF therapy
  • inductothermia
  • magnetic therapy (pulsed, alternating magnetic field, travelling magnetic field, permanent magnetic field)
  • laser therapy
  • heat therapy (ozokeritotherapy and paraffin therapy)


Cold application to release pain and stop inflammation — it's one of the most ancient methods of application of physical factors for therapeutic purposes. Currently, cold therapy (cryotherapy) is applied in various areas of medicine. It is applied both individually and in combinaiton with pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, shock wave therapy and other methods of treatment.

Indications for this procedure include:

  • pain syndome
  • muscle relaxation
  • dislocations
  • ruptures of ligaments and muscles
  • tendinitis
  • hematomas
  • edema
  • degenerative and rheumatologic diseases
  • ischias, pain in lower back (lumbar pain)
  • bursitis
  • epicondylitis
  • periostitis
  • postoperative treatment and many others

Aerosol inhalation room

The room is equipped with the latest ultrasound inhalers and thermomoist inhalation devices.

Procedures are carried out upon physician's assignment in ENT diseases (rhinitis, sinusitis, maxillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis) and broncho-pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheobronchitis).