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A golden smile and correct bite are of greater concern today than 3-4 decades ago. The orthodontist has a whole range of tools now to make your dream come true!

In addition to removable dentures (plates, transparent splints, activators) and the most popular traditional braces, our department applies high-tech orthodontic technologies.

  • Insignia is an innovative technology developed by Ormco, which allows to create individual prosthetic structures for a patient. This unique opportunity provides a more accurate, fast and predictable result in orthodontics.
  • WIN lingual braces are made individually for each patient, taking into account its peculiarities and the assumed result. They are installed on the inner surface of teeth and therefore invisible.

There is a wide choice of various options for bite correction, so the final decision on the method of treatment shall be taken only by the specialist. Only the dentist can correctly select the ideal treatment regimen for you based on indications.

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term process. During the treatment the dentist maintains constant contact with the patient.

The physician conducts periodic examinations of the oral cavity during wearing of prosthetic structures; provides supporting therapy during the retention period (after removal of the structure for bite correction); explains the measures of prevention of occlusional problems in the future.

The team of all dentists of our department headed by the orthodontist is involved in the orthodontic treatment. We ensure that after the end of treatment the patient's problem with which he/she applied to the clinic is successfully resolved, and our patient should be confident of that!