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Therapeutic admission includes treatment of caries, inflammatory pulp and periodontal diseases, periodontology.

For caries and endodontic treatment, in addition to traditional methods (filling of carious cavities, canals) Fotosan device is used for photoactivated disinfection of carious cavities and root canals.

To ensure high-quality endodontic treatment, the department applies a variety of high-tech diagnostic and treatment methods, as well as VDW tools and equipment. This German company has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of only products for endodontics for over 150 years.

Caries prevention is carried out by deep fluoridation.

Tooth filling is performed using the latest photopolymer materials.

Upon professional oral hygiene:

hard, mineralized dental plaque is removed using a multifunctional ultrasound machine, which significantly reduces pain.

After the application of manual and ultrasound devices, air-abrasive teeth surface treatment is carried out using Air-Flow technology for the purpose of:

  • Removal of deep enamel pigmentation and coloured plaque, includingnbsp;smoking plaque
  • Professional oral hygiene in patients with braces.
  • Teeth clearing.
  • Cleaning of fissures of chewing teeth before sealing.

Conservative treatment of periodontal diseases stipulates the use of laser technologies that allow to forget about gum bleeding and teeth mobility for a long time, reduce the treatment period and save bad teeth.