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Department of Dentistry

Department of Dentistry is staffed with qualified physicians in the main specialties:

  • Dental Therapist
  • Dental Surgeon
Head of department:

Murzin Vladimir Mikhailovich, Dentist, Surgeon

Treatment methods:

  • Therapeutic, surgical, periodontal care with effective anesthesia.
  • Complete examination of the oral cavity, including X-ray diagnostics.
  • Aesthetic tooth restoration using the latest generation light-cured composites.
  • Treatment of complicated caries by canal filling with gutta-percha and glass fiber pins.
  • Repeated dental treatment and preservation of various complexity using copper-calcium hydroxide depophoresis.
  • Professional hygiene and whitening of teeth by ultrasound and Air Flow device, chemical and mechanical teeth whitening.
  • Use of desensitizer sealants upon tooth sensitivity.
  • Teeth splinting with tape, ligature and beam splints.
  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment using Vector device.
  • All types of out-patient surgical dental care:
    • Tooth extraction of various complexity, up to up to 3 category.
    • Surgical methods of treatment of periodontal diseases: closed, open curettage, flap surgery using different types of membranes, including biological membranes from patient's plasma.
    • Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, radicular cysts, perforation of maxillary sinuses using biological membranes.
    • Vestibular oral correction.
    • Surgery upon pathology of soft and hard oral tissues.

The department has a room of hygiene and prevention of oral diseases, an orthopedic dentistry (dentoprosthetic) room. The programme of preventive measures and treatment of uncomplicated forms of chronic periodontitis has been developed.