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Physicians of the Out-Patient Clinic on Skatertniy carry out assessment of the liver state using the shear wave elastography that has all the advantages of ultrasound diagnostics: safety, painlessness and accurate result.

This study is conducted by high-skilled professionals:  Kuleshova O.V., head of department, and Shcherbina T.V., Candidate of Medical Science

Diffuse liver diseases is one of the world's biggest problems. The danger of the disease is in its development even with minor disorders and wide spread among children.

Signs of diffuse liver changes mainly depend on the cause thereof. However, most diseases have similar symptoms:

  1. Digestive disorders. The patient complains about nausea, heartburn, stool discolouration, frequent defecation urge.
  2. Worsened skin health. Pathological changes in the liver structure contribute to skin yellowing, appearance of acne and papillomas. Common signs are allergic reactions, severe itching, peeling and swelling.
  3. Appearance of tongue cracks and plaque.
  4. Pain syndrome. Sense of discomfort upon liver pathologies varies in nature. Upon minor changes in the left lobe, discomfort is low. Intense pain appears upon purulent inflammatory processes in the parenchyma, injuries and malignant tumors.
  5. Increased sweating. A strong unpleasant smell of sweat appears upon worsened liver state.
  6. Bitter taste in mouth. Most often in the morning and after eating spicy and fatty food.
  7. General weakness and increased fatigue. The patient feels tired even after minor physical activity.
  8. Irritability, temper tantrum, headache.
  9. Increased body temperature.
  10. Vascular fragility contributing to bleeding.

Chronic liver damage leads to the gradual death of cells, followed by the development of fibrosis. Fibrosis can be treated up to a certain stage, otherwise it can develop into cirrhosis, and the organ becomes afunctional.

Our experts recommend to pay special attention to the liver state and undergo elastography to patients who:

  • take a lot of drugs;
  • have excessive weight;
  • abuse alcohol;
  • have relatives who had hepatic cirrhosis;
  • have a positive PCR test for hepatitis B and C viruses;
  • have increased liver enzyme activity in biochemical blood analysis: ALAT, ASAT, alkaline phosphatase;
  • have contraindications for liver biopsy.

Liver elastography is performed for 30 minutes and has no adverse effect on the patient's health. The procedure is similar to ultrasonic testing and performed using modern PhilipsEpiQ 5 device (year of manufacture: 2018). To ensure an accurate result, several days before the study avoid eating products that cause increased flatus: milk, legumes, tomatoes, dark bread. Avoid drinking or eating 2-3 hours before the study.

Cost of procedure: RUB 2,500

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