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Voronovo Sanatorium

About us

40 Km from Moscow along Kaluga Highway, Voronovo Sanatorium is a unique place for rest and treatment in the Moscow area. Covering over 150 hectares, our sanatorium lies deep within a picturesque wooded landscape. The modern and historic buildings line a big forest lake. The surviving Voronovo estate architecture and park ensemble emits a sense of history.

To those who love nature and yearn to get away from the city hustle and bustle, Voronovo Sanatorium will give you an unforgettable rest. The programmes of the modern medical centre at the sanatorium are there for those in need of treatment and rehabilitation.

Reservation sales department telephone number: +7(495)777-71-14

Building 1 (main building)

The main building, No. 1, was built in 1974, designed by the well-known architects I. Chernyakovskiy and I. Vasilevskiy in a Soviet modernism style. In 2013,  after a comprehensive overhaul, the building was reopened for guests. It offers 234 comfortable rooms of various categories accommodating, in the main areas, 415 guests (a maximum of 535 when additional guests share the rooms). Building 1’s rooms look out on the beautiful lake or forest. Essentially, the building is like a closed residential micro-district with all the requisite infrastructure. It houses: the reception and accommodation service, dining room, 2 bars, retail pavilion, hairdressing, manicure/pedicure salons, a cinema seating 709, a library with a reading room, children’s playroom, sports hall, two gyms, table-tennis and billiards (two Russian billiard tables, one for pool), two conference halls, two meeting rooms, and a swimming pool with two saunas (including plunge pools). Building 1 has lifts and is connected by an indoor passageway to the medical centre

Building 2 (manor house)

Residential building No. 2 is housed in the historic building of the Voronovo estate manor house. It has 22 de-luxe rooms for 38 people or up to 60 if additional guests are accommodated. The building includes: a dining room seating 80, a bar, gym, billiard hall, a Finnish sauna with plunge pool and a meeting hall.

The manor house is furnished in a refined historical style and the full range of available conveniences create an atmosphere of luxury conducive to comfortable, unhurried leisure. The manor house is surrounded by an ancient park with tended walkways.

Building 3 (Dutch House)

This historic building stands on a hill above the pond and includes three category 2 de-luxe rooms accommodating 6 (or a maximum of 9). In contrast to the manor house, the Dutch House has not been overhauled at all and retains its original 18th century appearance.

Medical centre

The Voronov Sanatorium medical centre was built in 2013 and is a multi-disciplinary treatment and rehabilitation centre of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The latest diagnostic and treatment equipment, used by highly qualified medical personnel, allow patients to successfully undergo preventive measures, treatment and rehabilitation for disorders of the:

  • cardio-vascular system;
  • respiratory organs;
  • locomotive system;
  • nervous system.

Active leisure

The sanatorium provides extensive facilities for active leisure, no matter what the season or the weather.

All year round, guests may use the big swimming pool, with sections for children and adults, and saunas and there is an aquarobics timetable. Volleyball training, yoga, step-aerobics and TRX loop training are all available in the sports hall; you can play billiards, badminton or table tennis. There is a tennis court with a professional surface.


Catering for guests living in building 1 is provided in the dining room; for those in the manor house (building 2) and the Dutch House (building 3) - in the dining room in the manor house (building 2).

Dishes may be chosen from the menu.

Dining room timetable:

Breakfast: 09:00—10:00
Lunch: 14:00—15:00
Tea: 14:00—17.30
Dinner: 19:00—20:00

There are also two bars on the sanatorium territory, building 1, offering snacks, tea, coffee and fresh juice.

History of the estate

Today, Voronovo Sanatorium is a modern, multi-functional complex, whereas the Voronovo estate is famed for its rich historical past, extending over several centuries and including interesting events.

From the second half of the 15th century until the 1840s, Voronovo was the ancestral land of the Volynskiy nobles. A major contribution was made to development of the estate and formation of its manor house and park ensemble by Duke Ivan Vorontsov (husband of Maria Volynskaya). The luxury and splendour of the estate are evidenced by the fact that, in 1775, Ekaterina II stayed at the Voronovskiy country seat.